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LUMOS 010: How Breathwork has helped me to get quiet and get out of my head

An invitation to try something new to tap into your body and a story of how trusting my Decision-Making Strategy led me to Breathwork - and the difference that's made in my life in the past 2 years.

>> Try Breathwork with this recorded session

(Transcript coming soon!)

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LUMOS 008: The time you need to make decisions

50% of the world needs to wait for clarity before making decisions.

My husband is one of these people.

And in this episode of LUMOS I share the story of what it felt like for him to be put on the spot and rushed in his process (spoiler: not great!).

So this one is for all the Emotional Authorities and all of us who love & work with them (that's everyone) and how we can accommodate all decision-making timelines in our business and life.

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LUMOS 004: Trusting my Decision-Making Strategy (even when my "Not Self" has other ideas)

I kind of love how Human Design calls our monkey mind and unhealthy patterns our "Not Self." Because it's just that: not our true self. Our true self speaks to us through our Decision-Making Strategy (strategy + authority). But we have to be able to hear it, trust it and follow through on that guidance -- and that's where our mind can get in the way.

 In this episode of LUMOS, I tell the story of two different client requests that really cemented for me the relationship between my Decision-Making Strategy and my "Not Self" (my monkey mind and unhealthy patterns).

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