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I'm Jackie.


I see you.

You're tired of paddling your boat upstream, hustling so hard for every win. You're frustrated, bitter, angry or disappointed when all your hard work doesn't yield the results you'd planned.

It seems like it should be easier. And like it *is* easier for other people.

Do they know something you don't?

If you just take that next big course or hire that coach will you finally have the breakthrough you're looking for?

When people say "just trust your intuition" and "let it be easy!" you love the sound of it but HOW the heck do you actually do that??!!

I know how you feel because I've been there.

And understanding my Human Design changed everything about how I do business.

Why trying to think your way there isn't working

Imagine you're in the lobby of busy train station. People are everywhere, running late, herding kids, juggling luggage, texting while walking, trying to figure out which direction their platform is. It's a mess.

As you cross the lobby on the way to your platform — even if you know exactly where you're going and are luggage- and kid-free (hallelujah!) — you don't walk in a 100% straight line at a 100% steady pace. You're stepping to the side here, slowing down there, letting someone pass in front of you here, all without much thought to this zigging and zagging you and your fellow travellers are doing, right?

Turns out this kind of navigation is intensely complex: scientists and engineers still haven't been able to make a robot that can handle this kind of crowd as well as we can!

We do it intuitively.

Our brain takes in all the information (way more than we are even consciously aware of), combines it with our vast past experience and our body just does it.

We are perfectly designed to handle all the complexity to find the best route, adjusting as needed along the way.

“Ok, Jackie, but what the heck does this have to do with BUSINESS??”

Great question.

Just like a robot trying to cross that busy lobby, we have to make a million little, and big, decisions every day when we work for ourselves.

Is this offer a good idea? Will anyone buy it? Should I send another follow up email to that prospect? Do I want to take on this new client? Should I do a 5 day challenge or a series of webinars? And on, and on.

There are, of course, a TON of experts with fantastic systems, courses and programs — and the success stories to back them up — telling you that XYZ is the way to do it.

And solid marketing and sales strategy are indispensable to making your business work.

But there’s also this hidden variable… the thing behind all those amazing success stories we read on sales pages and social media — and what’s missing for ALL the people who did exactly what they were “supposed” to do but didn’t get those same great results.

I bet you’ve already experienced it at work in your business:

Have you ever had those moments in your business where everything felt like it just FLOWED? The idea or opportunity showed up, you ran with it and the sales came in! Sure, you did the work but it didn't feel hard.

How about those moments where it felt like you were pushing a very heavy boulder up a very steep hill? The idea just wasn't getting off the ground, the launch fell flat, you struggled to get the clients in the door. You did everything “right” but it didn't work the way it was supposed to.

I sure have.

So what the heck is the difference between those two outcomes?


The very best marketing strategy, sales tactics, scripts, etc. will all flop if you aren't aligned with what you're selling and how you're selling it!

If you aren't sold on it's value or if it's coming from desperation/competition/self interest or if it feels off in your body in any way, it won't work — or at least it won't work very well and will feel like A LOT OF EFFORT.

When you market and sell from a place of true service, with an unshakeable confidence in what you're selling and how you're marketing and selling it — it's magnetic, it's effortless, it's MAGIC.

You have to do the work (that's non-negotiable) but after that it's all down to your energy.

So how can we “hack” this? How can we make sure the next offer we launch or the next marketing strategy we try or the next sales call we have is coming from that truly aligned place?

How can we KNOW we are making the right decision? How do we get in alignment?

By following — and trusting — our own INTUITION.

Our heads are wonderful things, but like that robot whose code just cannot handle the complexity of navigating a busy, unpredictable crowd, they just aren't up to the task of making these big and little decisions as we navigate the uncertain path of running our own businesses.

They fill us with the “shoulds” and the “have tos” along with the “what will so-and-so think” and the “who are you to do that” thoughts.

The great news is we have within us a mechanism to short-circuit all of that!

Just like we trust it to navigate the busy lobby, our intuition will lead us to that alignment, to that magnetic energy, to the FUN.

Human intuition just isn't something that can be coded into a robot. It's not logical. It's not concrete.

But is IS something every single one of us is equipped with.

You've had those moments where you just KNEW in your gut or your heart that you should ______ (say yes / say no / go here / not go there / take that course / move to that place / refuse that job), right?

And when you followed that nudge, it felt right and things just seemed to fall into place.

And when you let your head think or logic it's way into a different decision, things didn't quite work out and you regretted it.

That's the wisdom of our intuition.

When we use our intuition to guide our decision-making, our energy stops being caught up in all our over-thinking and THAT’S where the magic happens. Trusting our intuition allows us to be guided to an unshakeable confidence in ourselves and our decisions, to that alignment and the magnetic energy it creates.

I've done this “by accident” in the past (it’s played a huge role in the $59K of affiliate income I've earned in 2019) but figuring out how to “hack” this is blowing my mind.

The key? Knowing exactly how our intuition shows up and how to tune into it reliably.

Which is where understanding your unique Human Design is a game-changer.

It’s like a having a user manual to yourself.

When I first heard about Human Design in 2018, I was curious, but also skeptical — I had to do a lot of my own research before finally following my intuition into my own Human Design experiment (Skeptics, hard science lovers and woo-woo doubters, I see and feel you!) 

But now I’m like, fork, why did I ever spend all.the.time. overthinking EVERYTHING before. I can just trust, follow my design and everything flows so so much easier.

So I changed my business. I could no longer do marketing & business support without the lens of Human Design.

I'm a Certified BG5 Human Design for Business Consultant, I've done nearly 100 private Design Decode sessions, work with leaders and established entrepreneurs to bring out the best in themselves and their team, and absolutely love sharing Human Design audiences of all shapes & sizes (small group masterminds, summits, podcast interviews, guest expert workshops).

I don't claim to have all the answers, I’m still learning — this is 100% a journey, not a destination, so there will always be more to come — but this has changed everything for me in my business (and even in my relationships and how I parent!).

I’m done overthinking.

How about you?

(I'd love to hear from you! My inbox is always open: [email protected])

Who I am

1/3 Manifesting Generator | Enneagram 3 | ENFJ | Pisces ☀, Taurus 🌙, Gemini ⬆

I've been a meteorologist, TV producer, science journalist, online editor, university communications officer and social media consultant.⁠

Now I'm a Human Design for business expert, breathwork facilitator, subconscious transformation coach, retreat leader, copywriter and marketing consultant.⁠

⁠Growth is one of my top values and I'm always learning -- so who I am and what I do is constantly evolving in true Manifesting Generator fashion :)

I love transformation. #shiftjunkie ⁠

And even more than my own, it lights me up to hold space for your transformation through Human Design, breathwork and subconscious reprogramming tools -- in readings, coaching sessions and on retreat.

To watch you step into that future version of yourself and help you realize just how capable you are.⁠

To watch you step into the future version of your business, one where marketing and selling feels fun, light and powerful.⁠

I'm a weirdo at the intersection of "woo" and science. Of magic and practicality. Of intuition and strategy. And loving every minute of it.⁠

Nice to meet you!

I believe:

  • Abortion is healthcare and easy access to safe, affordable (ideally free) abortions is a human right.

  • Black Lives Matter.

  • Science is real. (And good science is constantly evolving.)

  • Vaccines are amazing modern medical innovations.

  • I benefit from white, cis and socio-economic privilege. (And I strive to use that to support and amplify those with less privilege and power.)

  • Love is love. Gender is a spectrum. Your pronouns are yours to choose.

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