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LUMOS 012: We teach what we most need to learn

What I'm learning about how Human Design can spotlight exactly how to position and sell our work in a way that's going to attract the exact right people to our offers.

>> If you want to know more about your unique Profit Potential, email or DM me and I'll share what I've got cooking behind-the-scenes.

(Transcript coming soon!)

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LUMOS 011: What to do if you "don't know"

I have spent so much time searching for "clarity" and being stuck in the "I don't know" -- here's a quick and powerful way I bust out.

(Transcript coming soon!)

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LUMOS 010: How Breathwork has helped me to get quiet and get out of my head

An invitation to try something new to tap into your body and a story of how trusting my Decision-Making Strategy led me to Breathwork - and the difference that's made in my life in the past 2 years.

>> Try Breathwork with this recorded session

(Transcript coming soon!)

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LUMOS 009: Our mid-pandemic transatlantic move (in 9 days)

How seeing things differently allowed us to move from France to Canada with a cat, two kids and an entire apartment of stuff with ease

(Transcript coming soon!)

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LUMOS 008: The time you need to make decisions

50% of the world needs to wait for clarity before making decisions.

My husband is one of these people.

And in this episode of LUMOS I share the story of what it felt like for him to be put on the spot and rushed in his process (spoiler: not great!).

So this one is for all the Emotional Authorities and all of us who love & work with them (that's everyone) and how we can accommodate all decision-making timelines in our business and life.

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LUMOS 007: I work best alone (my very ordinary perfect day)

We are each wired to work, process information and learn best in different environments. 

In this episode of LUMOS I share how my first day solo in my house after weeks of COVID lockdown in France was incredibly ordinary and incredibly perfect. And showed me exactly how my ideal work environment influences my energy.

And then I dive into how you can use your Human Design definition to help you figure out how you do your best work in your ideal work environment.

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LUMOS 006: Using my work to prove my worth

The biggest "Shadow" in my Human Design is my wide open Heart center. This means that I have the most unlearning to do around feeling like I have to prove myself, to achieve for the admiration and respect of other people.

I've done A LOT of work on this. To let go of doing things for the respect of others or not doing things I really want to do because I'm worried I'll lose that admiration.

And yet, what I've realized during this pandemic lockdown is I still use work as a way to prove myself. 

In this episode of LUMOS I explore how this sneaky Shadow was showing up in my business and how I'm moving through it.


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LUMOS 005: Why I'm sensitive to all the fear and emotion around me

I went to the grocery store for the first time during France's COVID-19 lockdown and had a complete meltdown when I got home. I picked a fight with my husband and then broke into tears. Nothing unusual had happened during my shopping trip.

As I was collecting myself after the fact, I had an ah-ha moment about my own energy and sensitivities to fear and emotions specifically. (I have an undefined Spleen and undefined Solar Plexus in my Human Design.) I share my thoughts in this episode of LUMOS, along with some ideas for how I can avoid the meltdown in future.


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LUMOS 004: Trusting my Decision-Making Strategy (even when my "Not Self" has other ideas)

I kind of love how Human Design calls our monkey mind and unhealthy patterns our "Not Self." Because it's just that: not our true self. Our true self speaks to us through our Decision-Making Strategy (strategy + authority). But we have to be able to hear it, trust it and follow through on that guidance -- and that's where our mind can get in the way.

 In this episode of LUMOS, I tell the story of two different client requests that really cemented for me the relationship between my Decision-Making Strategy and my "Not Self" (my monkey mind and unhealthy patterns).

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LUMOS 003: How I tap into my inner wisdom and get guidance

"We listen for guidance everywhere except from within" - Parker Palmer

In reading his book "Let Your Life Speak" a few months ago, I was struck by a paragraph in which Parker observes (on a retreat for example) that we are apt to write down the wise words others speak but rarely take notes on what we ourselves say.

Snap. That rang true for me.

I love to be inspired daily by books, social media, podcasts, courses, etc. BUT what I'm learning most of all is to take that input and then trust myself to take the bits that resonate and remix them for myself.

No one else has your answers. Only you can FEEL the truth in your body.

But it's been journey for me to go from looking for the answers outside of myself to knowing they are always within and I just have to get quiet and ask.

In this episode of LUMOS I share what I've tried and what I currently do to access my inner wisdom and receive guidance from the Universe in the hopes that it'll help you get quiet and tap in.


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