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You are perfectly designed.

The answer is inside you.


Understanding my Human Design and how to apply it to my business changed everything.

Literally. I pivoted my business from straight up marketing consulting into Human Design-led business building support.

Because we are all not all here to follow the same blueprint to business success. Or the same marketing strategy. We are NOT even here to make decisions the same way.
Curious? You can read more about my journey with Human Design here. And learn more about your own unique Design here. Or reach out to me by email: [email protected]. 


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Want to discover the intuitive decision-making strategy you were born with so you can run your business powerfully and decisively?

A plain English introduction to your Human Design Type, Strategy and Authority so you can make better, more confident decisions.


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Feeling like it's all too much? Trapped in the scroll, feeling helpless and overwhelmed? 

When the news is heavy, when life is overwhelming, our breath is always there.

Reset your body and mind with this 10 minute guided Breathwork audio


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