Let's decode your Decision-Making Strategy

A plain English introduction to your Human Design Type, Strategy and Authority so you can make better, more confident decisions.


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We've been taught to rely so heavily on our minds. Making a "well thought out" or "logical and considered" decision is held up as the goal we should all be pro/con list-ing our way towards.⁠

But our minds are *terrible* at decision making. They start to spin with "what ifs," tell us all kinds of stories about what is and isn't possible, worry about all the things or people we "should"really be considering, remind us of that one time we screwed up when we were 12 years old, make us feel pressure around our decision-making timeline and constantly second guess ourselves...⁠ the WORST.⁠ 🤦‍♀️

In Human Design we learn that each of us is wired with a unique Decision-Making Strategy that has nothing to do with our minds: it's anchored in our bodies, in our intuition, in our Authority. 

Decisions made following our Authority feel clear, clean and confident.✨ (They may not always be easy but I don't wake up at 3am second-guessing myself when I've followed my Decision-Making Strategy.⁠)⁠

Our bodies are *so* much better at this than our minds.⁠❤️

Let's decode your Decision-Making Strategy so you can get out of your mind and into your body.

Bye bye overthinking, hello confidence :)

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