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Your Team Decoded

Your energy is powerful, driven, visionary. You know you are here to create big things. Things that are bigger than you.

When you get together with the right partner, sparks fly and magic happens. Together you create something that’s a blend of both you and them, something neither of you could never have created alone.

When 3 or more people come together, the energy shifts again. A whole new magic is created. The energy of the group takes shape. You can feel this intuitively when you’re part of a team.

This is the Penta. And through Human Design we can literally map this new energetic form that you and your team create.

You probably have a lot of intuitive insights about the people you invite to join your team. 

But what if you could see who was going to become the engine of your business, even though you only hired them to manage your social media?

Wouldn’t it be great to know without a doubt who would be likely to stay with the team for the long haul and who would be better in a short-term role? (Some people aren’t built for teams and they’ll never stick around long.)

Imagine if every person in your business was assigned work in alignment with their true gifts. They wouldn’t be frustrated, bitter, struggling, wasting energy trying to do things they aren’t designed to do. They wouldn’t feel disappointed because they can’t bring their magic.

Every single person would be bringing their magic to your business -- and that shit is POWERFUL.

Human Design helps you leverage everyone’s zone of genius. Including yours! You have worn a lot of hats in your business to grow it to this point but now you are so ready to delegate all the things that don’t light you up so you can open the floodgates for the next, even more powerful, more aligned, version of you and your business.

Understanding your own Human Design will show you exactly what your strengths are and where you can get distracted and pulled out of your zone of genius, how you are wired to make decisions that are correct for you, and the role you are here to play to have your biggest impact. It will give you tremendous permission to be wholly and completely yourself and stop making yourself wrong for not doing it the way you think you “should.”

Understanding your team’s Penta dynamics will give you a manual to help your employees and contractors thrive, whether they are brand new to your team or have been working with you for awhile.

Looking to add to your team? This work can help you see *exactly* where your business’ current gaps are and energetically call in the right skill sets to fill them.

The nitty gritty: 6-8 weeks with a minimum three 90 minute sessions where we dive deep into your Human Design as well as that of your Penta (your team’s unique energy). Voxer support throughout. 

FYI: Next spot opening June 2021. 


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