It's time for some Fresh Air in your business

Your marketing isn't working. (Or at least not as well as you'd like.)

And here's what I know to be true:

  • You have an important message you are passionate about getting out into the world.

  • You've been doing your thing for a while now and you LOVE what you do.

  • You want to shake shit up and challenge the way things are usually done (in online business or beyond).

  • You haven't always felt like you "fit in" and you've been working to find your own niche or community, a place where you feel comfortable and accepted.

  • You're looking for a sustainable pace and way of working that doesn't leave you burnt out or wanting to blow up your business.

  • Things may have changed recently in your life or business and you're struggling to find your footing amid the change.

    For example:
    - Maybe you've recently become a parent and now everything about how you want to/can work is different.
    - Or maybe you’ve recently pivoted in your business.
    - Or maybe you've started to build your team and feel like this leadership thing is harder than you thought it would be.
    - Or maybe something has shifted energetically and things just feel stagnant after so many years and you feel like you’re waiting for *something*, but you just don’t know what that is…

You want the right people to hear what you have to say.

To respond to your message.

To take action on your message

To hire you!


But your marketing and messaging are feeling clogged up, stagnant, flat or foggy.

That message you deeply believe in and want to get out there so badly? The message you know will change things profoundly and positively for your people? You can’t seem to find a way to communicate it so it really lands.

Maybe you feel like for all the energy and time you are putting in you "should" be seeing more results.

Maybe it takes ages to put something out there because you keep editing yourself, trying to get it just right.

Maybe you find yourself holding back because you aren’t sure how people will respond to your message… Will they get it? Will they get you? Will you come off as too “woo”? Will they really understand what you are offering?

Maybe you feel like you're failing because you can't seem to find a 'niche' but you know "I can help everyone!" isn't the most effective way to build a business.

Maybe you had some momentum in your messaging or marketing before but it was too exhausting to keep it going.

Maybe the right words feel elusive, like a dream that slips just out of reach when you wake up.

You know there’s a big, powerful message *just* underneath the surface but you can’t seem to get your hands around it so you can start sharing the shit out of it. 

Online marketing has changed.

Your people are more sensitive than ever to the energy behind the message.


If all those one-size-fits-all marketing strategies and blueprints worked for you, you wouldn't be here.

You want to find that spark.

You want to stand tall in your power and speak with authority.

You want to feel clear about your message and how to get it across.

You want to share your message in a way that feels authentic to you.

You want to feel purposeful, lit up, energized and excited while you're marketing.

You want your people to hear your message, raise their hands and say, “Yes! Exactly! Where have you been all my life??”

You know how important marketing is to running a successful business and you want to enjoy marketing as much as you enjoy working with your clients.

You LOVE the clients you have but you want more. More clients. More impact. More.

Are you ready to figure this out already??

This is the *perfect* time to bring some Fresh Air to your business.

To discover how *you* are built to market in a way that feels satisfying, delightful, successful, and peaceful. (No forcing, energy draining or overworking required!)

To untangle any subconscious patterns, identities or blocks that may be making it hard to claim and share your most powerful message.

To declutter old energy, emotions and tension that you've been holding in your body so you can create more breathing room and start fresh in your marketing and messaging.

To finally pull the plug on whatever has been gumming up your marketing pipes! (how's that for mixed metaphors?! lol)

To partner with someone (me!) who brings 10 years of knowledge & experience in online marketing, a way with words (former journalist and copywriter), and an incredible toolkit for change (certified BG5 Human Design for Business consultant, SHIFT Method subconscious transformation coach and Breathwork facilitator).

I have an uncanny ability to see the big picture vision and direction, to see what’s possible for you… and to help you see it too.

To empower you to embrace your individuality and express your convictions.

To help you transform, start fresh, pivot, and relight that sacred fire.

I’m not here to be your guru or tell you what you “should” be doing – yes, I have expertise and experience but I believe all the answers are inside you. I'm here to help you bring your answers up and out.

Watching you fly is my favourite thing. (And I LOVE celebrating with you.)

Jes Fields

Jes Fields

"Jackie has been my go-to expert for marketing strategy and sales copywriting for years. She's one of the best investments I've ever made in myself and my business.

Jackie has always been able to help me find really natural and authentic language for sales copy but when we started doing this Profit Potential work together, I uncovered a deeper layer of authenticity in my marketing and sales and a huge sense of relief that it really gets to be this easy and this natural.

With this Profit Potential awareness I have intentionally shaped a business that not only feels much more authentically me but has allowed me to work less while delivering even more value to my clients -- AND also increase my profit. It's a win all the way around!"

This is a practical+magical blend of Human Design, copywriting, marketing strategy, mindset coaching, subconscious transformation and breathwork.

It's an incubator for the next level of your business.

What's included in Fresh Air:

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6 private 1:1 coaching sessions

In each of these private 60 minute sessions, my intuition and experience (and what's coming up for you) guide us to the most powerful place to go. We might spend the hour writing copy, reprogramming limiting beliefs, doing Breathwork to tend to your nervous system, or diving deep into your Human Design and how you are here to market and sell in alignment with your unique energy -- or all of the above!

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90 days of coaching

A dedicated Voxer channel (direct 1:1 voice messaging with me) for 3 months so you can ask questions and get support as you take the ah-has from your private sessions out into the real world and start implementing the new marketing and messaging insights.

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Human Design Profit Potential Report

A personalized, written report on your energy, decision-making strategy, how you are here to serve (your life work, your strengths and your definition), who you are here to serve (your target market and natural customers), how you are here to market and what you are here to sell.

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Breathwork by Design

Private, completely personalized, transformational breathwork session. A powerful somatic practice incorporating elements of your Human Design to release energy & conditioning that isn't yours, and accept & celebrate your uniqueness. An energetic decluttering of any old emotions and tension in your body so you can create more breathing room and start fresh in your marketing and messaging.

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Human Design for Business Vault

Personal guidance on where to go deeper in understanding & working with your Design -- and access to my entire Human Design for Business resource collection (including a deeper look at your Type, Strategy, Authority, each of your 9 energetic functions/centers) to support that.

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Personalized subconscious reprogramming audio

A custom visualization to reprogram your subconscious with patterns, habits and identities that powerfully support your marketing goals. (Getting your subconscious on board is the secret to lasting, sustainable change!)

Fresh Air Marketing + Messaging Momentum

$850/month for 3 months


  • 6 private 1:1 coaching sessions (including Human Design, Breathwork and subconscious transformation)
  • Personalized Human Design Profit Potential Report
  • 90 days of Voxer support
  • My entire Human Design for Business resource collection 
  • Personalized subconscious reprogramming audio
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Tiffany Han

Tiffany Han

"This work we've done in Fresh Air has felt like a beautiful homecoming. A beautiful homecoming in terms of business structure, but also a beautiful homecoming in terms of who I am. Instead of trying to shape shift myself to fit into some business or marketing strategy (which I’ve tried to do for so long), I feel like this has given me the permission to design my business to work for me.

I've always wanted to do things in a different way, but before it felt like, “well, sure, you can, but it's not gonna work and you’re going to come crawling back to this traditional business strategy” – whereas now I know the real strategy is in living my Design. Whatever feels satisfying, whatever lights me up, whatever I’m the most excited to do… that’s my strategy. Instead of letting those moments come through and feeling like I need to put them away so I can “get to work,” I can lean into them and know that’s actually the most effective thing I can do.

This truly is a breath of Fresh Air. Like popping out above the clouds... that's exactly what this feels like. Thank you."

Kaitlyn Kessler

Kaitlyn Kessler

"I really appreciated Jackie’s ability to understand what was needed in any given call (aka my brain being like "I need strategy right now!" when in reality what I really needed was more mindset support).

I think one of the biggest shifts I feel since working with Jackie is feeling supremely confident in my offers. In the past whenever anything felt hard (aka you open the cart and don't immediately get a million sales) I'd start to doubt myself and my offer. But since this program I've noticed a shift where I'm completely locked in on what I do/how I do it/its value -- and know that I can have fun exploring how I want to communicate it.

I would definitely recommend Fresh Air to any business owner who needs support in messaging and marketing and is ready for a much more holistic approach.

This is not a plug-n-play type experience. Jackie is not checking boxes and forcing anything on you as a client. This was a unique, well-rounded and immersive coaching experience completely customized to my needs, and I loved that."

What past Fresh Air clients have said after coaching sessions:

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Now, more than ever, we need your individual strengths, talents and experiences.

Now, more than ever, we need your unique contribution and message.

The world needs your work. Your message. Your coaching. Your knowledge. Your healing. Your wisdom. Your teaching. Your light.

Let's turn it way UP together.

Sara Taylor

Sara Taylor

"Since working with Jackie so many new possibilities have opened up to me in how I work with clients, how I manage my Projector energy more wisely in my business, and also in the clarity I have around “how, what, who, and why” in my marketing. These are seriously some gifts that keep on giving!

As a result of our work together I am living and working in more alignment with my Human Design and finding that my whole business model needs to shift. And it doesn't feel overwhelming or scary, just like the next right step. As an entrepreneur when major change, and even slowing down, doesn't feel like something has gone wrong, that REALLY means something, you know!?

Jackie’s breathwork facilitation is so impactful and she is so invested in helping folks really find their own path through marketing. She has a knack for opening up doors--and getting us through the ones we have been avoiding. lol.

I am always hesitant about investing in business and marketing coaching because in my experience a lot of people are not so clear about what they are actually helping people with: which results in overpromising and under delivering. But that was not at all my experience in working with Jackie. We did what she said we were going to do and more. I got exactly what I needed and I am set up to keep getting results."

Kaitlyn Kessler

Andrea Ward Berg

I loved so many parts of our work together: doing breathwork with you, diving into my Human Design Profit Potential, and your 1st line perspective on some of the challenges I'm facing. As a fully receptive undefined heart 2nd line projector, it is damn near impossible for me to see myself! LOL. So your reflections were pivotal in being able to describe what I do in such a way that others are able to imagine it for themselves.

I feel much more grounded in the impact I'm having now. I finally got a sales page written for my signature coaching offer and got my Offerings page fully updated.

Working with Jackie may bring up some fears because you are taking a step forward in being more visible in what you offer, but she is so empowering and her breathwork facilitation was so impactful in helping me process those stories around being visible, attaining what I desire and being even more of service in the world.

I would recommend Jackie to anyone who is looking to share more about themselves (market) in a way that's aligned for their design. Fresh Air was so supportive for me at a pivotal moment in my business!!"

Jes Fields testimonial (IG comment)
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Caryn Gillen

Caryn Gillen

"Jackie is succinct, clear, and easy to work with and her Human Design knowledge paired with her subconscious transformation coaching is huge. It's always so affirming to see why things are the way they are without the layers of judgment we can put on all by ourselves.

I am clearer about myself with myself, clearer about my team with my team, we are all benefitting. I love doing work that doesn't drag out all the yuck, but just brings what you need up and OUT!

Jackie is super smart, super kind, super knowledgeable, and she cares about people. I'd recommend business owners work with Jackie because she's always connecting dots we ourselves don't know to connect because of her knowledge of Human Design. Jackie is also really fun to celebrate the change with!

Thank you. Truly. My life is forever different, better."

Rubeen Ianigro

Rubeena Ianigro 

"Doing this work with Jackie gave me words and confidence in myself and the vision I have for my business. It gave me more language for who I am and who I attract -- and permission to keep doing what I naturally do.

I would recommend Jackie to business owners who are serious about taking their brands and business to the next level, who are ready to truly understand who they are here to serve and how best to serve them.

Working with Jackie is so fun! She's so relatable, empowering and kind. Jackie really sees people for who they are. I wish I had more time with her!"

Melissa Camilleri

Melissa Camilleri

"Jackie is upbeat and super down-to-earth and she makes Human Design (a very abstract, woo, kindy heady subject) super applicable and practical. She has clearly done the work of embodiment and can explain this complex thing so simply for maximum implementation. I'm especially excited to implement my new awareness about my 3/5 profile in my marketing during my next launch!"

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You deserve to love the way it feels to market your work.

Fresh Air will give you the spark you've been looking for, the radical permission to be YOU in your business and marketing, and empower you to let go of the shoulds and start trusting yourself.

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