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Profit Potential Coaching & Copywriting

Your most magnetic marketing awaits!

Over the course of 6 session, we use your Human Design and your unique Profit Potential to hone in on the offers you’re making and how you’re marketing and selling them – and write some amazing new copy for your sales page, website, social media or emails.

Your Profit Potential gates literally provide a map of the marketing & sales angles that are going to not only feel best, but attract your people like a magnet.

You have a message and mission that's uniquely yours and if it feels just a little foggy, this is JUST the thing to help you clear that up so you can start profiting even more powerfully from the work you do.

Plus my years of experience writing great copy that converts = marketing that's truly magnetic (and totally tailored to you).

What we'll cover and weave into your copy:

  • How you're here to help others so you can tap into what comes easiest & most natural to YOU
  • Your unique superhero powers and how to use them in what you offer (your "Unique Selling Proposition" is right there in your Design!)
  • When to take action in your business for maximum results
  • Why you do what you do and how to weave this into your brand so it feels so aligned and profoundly right for you
  • Where you find fulfillment and purpose (and how this shifts around age 40)
  • Who you are here to serve (your ideal target market) so that you can speak their language and really get their attention 
  • What solution you can provide or problem you can solve that your people absolutely cannot *wait* to buy from you 

In six 90-minute sessions we'll dive deeply into your Human Design profit potential, write copy together and even use breathwork and hypnosis to help you really embody your unique Brilliance.

And you'll have me on Voxer (a voice messaging app) for the length of our work together for on-demand coaching, Human Design questions or copy help.

(You'll also receive access to my entire vault of Human Design for Business training resources!)

Isn't it time to tap into your unique Brilliance to create your most magnetic marketing?? You are born to stand out, you everything you need to fulfill your purpose and profit from the incredible work you do. Let's unlock your Profit Potential together!

PS: I'm over here 3rd lining with my 1st line knowledge and I want to be completely transparent: I feel like this work touches a deep vein of how I'm uniquely designed to serve.

This is not fake scarcity or urgency AND I don't expect this offer to remain at this introductory price point for more than 2-3 clients. I'm always learning, iterating and perfecting!

What People Are Saying:

The Profit Potential and the copy work we did together was profoundly transformational. I got so much clarity on where I want to go in my business and how to communicate my thoughts and ideas more clearly with my clients! Integrating my Human Design in my business and marketing to this degree was extremely helpful!

Nadina Cojocaru

$2,500.00 USD

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