Fresh Air: private coaching

Let's bring some Fresh Air to your marketing & messaging!

I believe all the answers are inside you -- I'm here to help you bring them up and out.

To our work I bring:

  • Expertise. A solid foundation of knowledge and personal experience. In online business. In Human Design. In marketing.
  • Tools for change: Human Design for business. Breathwork. Subconscious Transformation.
  • The words, vision & direction, the ability to focus AND then get up & go, the conviction, the zing and spark.
  • Excitement, enthusiasm and possibility. I see what's possible. And I love celebrating you.

What's included:

  • Six 60 minute 1:1 calls (ideally scheduled within ~3 months)
  • 90 days of 1:1 Voxer support
  • Personalized, detailed Human Design Profit Potential report
  • Breathwork by Design
  • Access to my Human Design for Business resource vault
  • Personalized subconscious reprogramming audio

Words from past clients:

I feel like this work has changed me on a cellular level. You've helped me remember the Universe and my inner knowing. I've have had so, so many signs since I started paying attention, it is honestly shocking. I feel amazing. That pit of anxiety in my stomach that's been lurking around? Gone. Thank you so much. It really, truly gets to be different now.


Jackie is upbeat and super down-to-earth and she makes Human Design (a very abstract, woo, kindy heady subject) super applicable and practical. She has clearly done the work of embodiment and can explain this complex thing so simply for maximum implementation. I'm especially excited to implement my new awareness about my 3/5 profile in my marketing during my next launch.

Melissa Camilleri

Before our session, breathwork had sparked my curiosity but always made me hesitant; in part because of my past trauma and in part because it has felt so "trendy.” But Jackie is such a safe person, I trust her completely and I knew she would never do anything that would take me where I didn’t want to go. So it felt supportive and safe to try breathwork with her. And I AM SO GLAD I DID! The way Jackie does breathwork is such a magical fit for me and so deeply healing. I feel like ten years of healing happened in an hour. Jackie is completely, deeply in her magic doing this work.

Steph Lagana

Doing this work with Jackie gave me words and confidence in myself and the vision I have for my business. It gave me more language for who I am and who I attract -- and permission to keep doing what I naturally do. I would recommend Jackie to business owners who are serious about taking their brands and business to the next level, who are ready to truly understand who they are here to serve and how best to serve them. Working with Jackie is so fun! She's so relatable, empowering and kind. Jackie really sees people for who they are. I wish I had more time with her!

Rubeena Ianigro

Jackie has been my go-to expert for marketing strategy and sales copywriting for years. She's one of the best investments I've ever made in myself and my business. Jackie has always been able to help me find really natural and authentic language for sales copy but when we started doing this Profit Potential work together, I uncovered a deeper layer of authenticity in my marketing and sales and a huge sense of relief that it really gets to be this easy and this natural. With this Profit Potential awareness I have intentionally shaped a business that not only feels much more authentically me but has allowed me to work less while delivering even more value to my clients -- AND also increase my profit. It's a win all the way around!

Jes Fields

Jackie is succinct, clear, and easy to work with and her Human Design knowledge paired with her subconscious transformation coaching is huge. It's always so affirming to see why things are the way they are without the layers of judgment we can put on all by ourselves. I am clearer about myself with myself, clearer about my team with my team, we are all benefitting. I love doing work that doesn't drag out all the yuck, but just brings what you need up and OUT! Jackie is super smart, super kind, super knowledgeable, and she cares about people. I'd recommend business owners work with Jackie because she's always connecting dots we ourselves don't know to connect because of her knowledge of Human Design. Jackie is also really fun to celebrate the change with! Thank you. Truly. My life is forever different, better.

Caryn Gillen

$850.00 USD

3 monthly payments

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