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Time to SHIFT: make your big goals happen

When was the last time you set a big-ass goal, really committed to it, did the work and then felt that fucking amazing sense of accomplishment and pride that you DID something you previously thought you couldn't??


Finally signing up for that 5K, marathon, century ride, CrossFit competition, multi-day hike, etc. you've been considering (and knowing you can DO IT).

Realizing you are so much more capable than you've been giving yourself credit for. (And really believing it in your body.)

Finding a sense of devotion and commitment that's been lacking for years. (If you've been beating yourself up for not achieving enough, this may be the missing piece.)

Knowing you can set and achieve big goals in your business and life without all the mind-drama because you've done it before.

What you can expect from this coaching experience:

  1. A plan that works with your unique energy (Human Design) to accomplish your big goal
  2. Letting go of old, limiting beliefs and past gunk (generational, ancestral, or from past lives) that's holding you back from really believing in and achieving what you want
  3. dialing WAY up of self-belief & self-trust in your mind AND body so that you're not wasting energy on self-doubt and endless self-questioning
  4. Forward momentum and undeniable progress towards your big goal: you will know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are DOING IT (so you can stop just wishing, hoping and then beating yourself up for not getting any closer).
  5. A blend of Human Design, subconscious transformation, breathwork and coaching to create powerful SHIFTS in how you show up

Life is meant to be adventure. You deserve to surprise and delight yourself with your untapped capability, to feel that success and satisfaction settle in to your bones. To remember that you are stardust, magic and a force of fucking nature.

^^ That's my goal with this 4-session self-belief booster experience.

(Your goal can be a business one, a life one, an athletic one -- as long as it's something you deeply desire but you feel like you aren't sure you could ever do -- this work can help!

And honestly, in my experience, setting an athletic goal IS business-building because you will experience -- in your body -- what it feels like to show up with consistency, devotion and fucking astound yourself with how capable you are when you set your mind to something -- it's a huge self-belief BOOSTER and my inspiration for this entire offer.)

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What People Are Saying:

Jackie created a safe space for me to share what was going on and my desired outcomes. She listened to me and was able to pull out the key messages I needed to make change. I left our work feeling so light, hopeful and with resources to move forward. Issues that have been sticky for years have shifted easily and quickly. What exactly happened feels hard to describe but things are different now!

"Issues that have been sticky for years have shifted easily and quickly"

I feel like this work has changed me on a cellular level. Like, the Universe sent you to me, I do believe. I feel amazing. That pit of anxiety in my stomach that's been lurking around? Gone. There is true abundance now. Wow, just...wow. Thank you so much. It really, truly, gets to be different now.

"I feel like this work has changed me on a cellular level"

I was scared to do this work for fear it'd be hard... but it was joyously easy and I remain so happy with the outcomes! You’re succinct, clear, and easy to work with and your Human Design knowledge paired with the transformation work was huge. It's always so affirming to see why things are the way they are without the layers of judgment we can put on ourselves. You're super smart, super kind, super knowledgeable, and you care about people. I'd recommend business owners work with you because you're always connecting dots we ourselves don't know to connect because of your knowledge of Human Design. You're also really fun to celebrate the change with!

"Jackie is super smart, super kind, super knowledgeable and really cares about people"

The shift that you facilitated has given me the ability to go on and do whatever it is that I want to do, in business, in my personal life, everywhere. It feels like a gap I didn't even know was there has been plugged and I feel more complete since our work together. Thank you, Jackie, for how open you were throughout the process. I felt how invested you were in my change (in the best way) and I know you are going to change so many lives with this work and the amazing soul you have.

"The ability to go and do whatever is it that I want to do"

I noticed immediately a sense of ease -- like I'm just holding myself differently in my body. It feels like I'm more in choice. More than a fierce push or strong arm into a new way of being, it feels like an easeful alignment with who I am at heart. In such a short amount time, big a-ha insights have opened up alternatives for me in exactly the places I felt most stuck.

"Big ah-has in a short amount of time"

The subconscious transformation work we did to release a big limiting belief was beyond amazing. I honestly can't even remember the specific belief we were working with. It is truly just gone! And I feel incredibly free flowing. Truly liberating.

"Truly liberating"

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