Your VIP Breakthrough Intensive

The next version of you is waiting. I can't wait to help you step into them. ❤️

In Part 1 of your VIP Intensive we are first going to go deep into your subconscious mind, find the pattern that’s keeping you stuck (in your business or life because it’s alllll related), clear it and make room for a fuck ton of new opportunity and energy. (This day is personal growth fast-tracked: in my experience you’ll shift more in 6 hours than you would normally in 6 months.)

Then in Part 2 we’re going to use your Human Design and your unique Profit Potential to hone in on the offers you’re making and how you’re marketing and selling them – and write some amazing new copy for your sales page, social media or emails. (Your Profit Potential gates literally provide a map of the marketing & sales angles that are going to not only feel best, but attract your people like a magnet.)

Afterwards, armed with sparkly new copy and a sparkly new lens, this brand-new version of you will go create whatever your next big goal is. And you’ll have me in your pocket on Voxer for 60 days while you do it. (Human Design questions, marketing or copy questions, celebrations, ah-has, I’m here for allllll of it.)

Here we go!! 🚀✨

[Once you've signed up, I'll be in touch to book your Intensive Days -- they do not have to be back-to-back, the nice thing about doing it all virtually is we get to be flexible!]

What People Are Saying about these Breakthrough Intensives:

Since our VIP Breakthrough Intensive I no longer have a problem I once had! I was scared to do this work for fear it'd be hard... but it was joyously easy and I remain so happy with the outcomes! You’re succinct, clear, and easy to work with and your Human Design knowledge paired with the transformation day was huge. It's always so affirming to see why things are the way they are without the layers of judgment we can put on all by ourselves. I am clearer about myself with myself, clearer about my team with my team, we are all benefitting. I love doing work that doesn't drag out all the yuck, but just brings what you need up and OUT! You're super smart, super kind, super knowledgeable, and you care about people. I'd recommend business owners work with you because you're always connecting dots we ourselves don't know to connect because of your knowledge of Human Design. You're also really fun to celebrate the change with! Thank you. Truly. My life is forever different, better.

Caryn Gillen

Before I had my VIP Breakthrough Intensive with you, I was feeling pretty good. I went in really open-minded, not exactly clear what I wanted to work on but knowing whatever it was going to be was right for me at that time. The shift that you facilitated has given me the ability to go on and do whatever it is that I want to do in, in business, in my personal life, everywhere. And that feels really empowering. It feels like a gap I didn't even know was there has been plugged and I feel more complete since our work together. I'm a pretty private person so the fact that I felt safe to go there and do the deep work is a real testament to how you held the space so beautifully. There’s a huge empathy that comes from you, and along with that empathy you were simultaneously able to guide me to get the beautiful results that I got. If you’re considering doing this work with Jackie, my advice would be, do not hesitate. The only thing you have to lose is what's holding you back and she has all of the skills to be able to safely and empathetically help you navigate that. And I can't imagine a more beautiful gift to yourself. The future for me since our Breakthrough Day looks like endless possibilities. In just the last 6 weeks since working together, the magic that has happened against all odds, wow. Being in this really great energetic and emotional place as a result of shifting things and leaving things in the past, I feel like it opens up opportunities that I’m not even aware of yet. And that feels super magical and super exciting. Thank you, Jackie, for how open you were throughout the process. I felt how invested you were in my change (in the best way) and I know you are going to change so many lives with this work and the amazing soul you have.

Nicky Pennie

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